After filling in all of your details click on the SUBMIT button. Use this form for up to 5 Trinity Telephone Numbers. For 6 or more Trinity Telephone #s enter another account set up for each set of 5 new Trinity Telephone Numbers. Watch our ordering YouTube video first before completing your subscription order which fully details what you need to fill out completely in order to expedite your subscription order. Our order form is a 2 step process. First pay on Paypal and then secondly enter the exact set up details you wish on your account referencing your PayPal authorization order #.  Do not enter your order information for account set up without a PayPal order confirmation number please!

Remember- In order to keep our pricing as low as possible for all our customers, subsequent changes in your account set up are charged for at $25 US for each subsequent change request. Please ensure you indicate all your requirements for account set up HERE correctly.

* indicates required fields 
  *PayPal Unique Order #:
  First Name:
  Last Name:
  Your Primary Contact Telephone # with (Area Code):
  Your Company Name:
  Address Street # and Street Name:
  Apartment or Unit or Suite #:
  State or Province:
  ZIP or Postal Code:
  *Email Address #1 which will receive Voice Mail Messages:
  Email Address #2 (if Twin Plan):
  Email Address #3 (if Triple- Trio Plan):
  *Cell Phone # 1:
  Cell Phone # 2 (if Twin Plan):
  Cell Phone #3 (if Trio-Triple Plan):
  *Do You wish a Twin or Trio Plan?:  No- I agree to use on a single cell phone
 Twin -for 2 Cell phones
 Triple-Trio -for 3 Cell phones
  *Qty of Trinity Telephone # you wish?:  1 One Trinity Telephone #
 2 Two Trinity Telephone #s
 3 Three Trinity Telephone #s
 4 Four Trinity Telephone #s
 5 Five Trinity Telephone #s
  *1st Trinity Tel. # Area Code City State requested:
  2nd Trinity Tel. # Area Code City & State:
  3rd Trinity Tel. # Area Code City & State:
  4th Trinity Tel. # Area Code City & State:
  5th Trinity Tel. # Area Code City & State:
  *What Plan do you wish for all of your Trinity numbers?:  Annual - Best Deal!
  Transfering in or porting in any telephone #s @ $15 per line (FREE now):  NO
  If transfering number(s) state tel. number and Telephone Company currently?:
  Your Current Telephone Account # if you are transfering numbers?:
  *What Mobile Telephone Company are you currently using? (State Carrier Name):
  Do you want sequential or simultaneous rings on all your cell phones? Twin -Trio:  Simultaneously
  1st Company Name Display. Must be 10 Lines:
  2nd Trinity Name or Your Company Name to display when You call outbound:
  3rd Trinity Name or Your Company Name to display when You call outbound:
  4th Trinity Name or Your Company Name to display when You call outbound:
  5th Trinity Name or Your Company Name to display when You call outbound:
  *You have read Trinity's Terms and Conditions and Agree to our terms:  Yes I agree
  *You agree that your sole 911 responsbility is with your Mobile Current Carrier:  Yes I agree and acknowledge my 911 responsbility is mine and the Carrier's not this App
  *You agree Trinity APP has advised you of this precaution for 911 as per above.:  Yes I agree
  *I understand any future changes to my acct set up are $25.:  I understand future changes cost $25 per occasion
 No I do not agree
  Sales Rep ID# or Promotional Code #:

After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.


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