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                 Additional Residential Unit

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Essentially in Ontario due to new legislation with the  Ontario Building Code the province  wants to build 1.5 million new homes in the next 10 years. Canada wide goal in public federal policy wants to build 2.5 million new homes in the next decade.

Here's our innovative loft design interior artist concept view looking towards bathroom on right and spiral stairs to bedroom sleeping loft below..

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Our innovative loft design interior view artist concept with bathroom's sliding barn door closed position looking into galley kitchen below...


At time of writing (June 2023) in our province of Ontario the 1.5 million homes in 10 years goal is equilavent to building over 27% more homes in the next decade which 1.5 million divided by the current 5.5 million households in Ontario is approximately 27.2 % more homes.

That is bigger than the post WW2 baby-boom and housing boom of surburbia GTA that made the urban landscape what we know of today currently.

Here is the proof in writing from the Ontario government about tiny homes being approved below...

To receive a copy of this Government of Ontario Guidelines above  text us at 416-271-7752 with words "Government Guidelines Tiny Homes"
Ontario Building Code recent revisions has also expanded the allowable residential units on a single property include

A) basement apartments
B) attic apartments
C) additions to the main house units
D) garage conversions


E) stand alone Tiny Houses

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Tiny Houses to be permitted legally in Ontario according to Building Code documentation include the following provisions as we currently understand which are....

1.  an open concept unit can be as small as 188 square feet. However an ARU can be even larger than the property's original home

2. Must be a 4 season not just a cottage bunkie style seasonal structure

3. Must have its own washroom, cooking, heating HVAC and connections to utilities including hydro, water and sanitation sewer hook ups and meet Ontario R insulation levels in the geographic zone it is situated in Ontario

4. Framing of structure must use graded lumber with 2" x 6" floor frame, 2" x 4" walls for R insulation and 2" x 4" trusses. However siding material can still use rough raw sawn ungraded boards and battens.

5. Head room minimum on main level must be at least 6' 11" finished interior and while lofts are permitted (code defines loft areas as mezzazines ) loft floor space does NOT count towards the 188 Square feet target.

6. Ladders to lofts are NOT allowed according to code and regular run and rise dimensions of stairs and safety railings are code to 2nd levels.

We at Trinity predict that enterprising developers will recognize the need and consumer demand for tiny home communities and neighbourhoods. This is not just for the homeless problem in cities but for frugal 2nd home vacation owners who don't want multi million $ cottages but prefer simple attractive tiny vacation homes.

​​​New recent legislation in Ontario and other provinces and in the United States now allow tiny homes as small as 188 square feet.

Now a home can be affordable

and cost consumers peanuts!

Trinity Tiny Homes can provide ARU DIY kits and partially built ARU four season tiny house weather tight house modular shells for you to finish off on your own property.

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"It's A Wonderful Life"  the beloved Christmas hollywood classic movie's entire script and sub plot has the theme of one's desire for home ownership as seen in the video above and the video below



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